Nirvana Memorial Park Penang Malaysia

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Nirvana Columbaria

The columbaria is a type of structure with niches (small spaces) or compartments for placing cremated remains or ashes in urns. Each compartment at Nirvana Malaysia has a unique design and includes space for storing individual stela. It offers a comfortable and spacious resting place that is in harmony with a very peaceful environment of tremendous serenity and splendour. This allows the departed to rest peacefully as their descendants obtain great fortune, longevity, health, and prosperity.

Nirvana Burial Land

This burial land features Nirvana Memorial Park with its contemporary sculpture, beautiful flora, lush greenery, and magnificent landscaping. This provides the burial plot with a peaceful atmosphere for departed loved ones to rest. Beautifully designed as a garden-style memorial park, the Nirvana Burial Land comes with various burial plot options, including single plots, double plots, and family plots in good Fengshui land featuring various tomb designs.

Nirvana Funeral Service Package

We tailor our funeral service packages based on our customers’ respective religious and cultural practices. Our funeral services packages are offered on both a pre-need and as-need basis. Our as-need products and services are sold to customers who have an immediate need for the products and services for their deceased loved ones. Our pre-need products and services are sold to customers who want to pre-arrange their loved ones’ or their own funeral services in advance.

Nirvana Seed Sheng Ji

Our NV seed overlooks a very expansive opening with a flourish of unobstructed, vibrant waterways along with colourful fertile soil within a vigorous environment. An effective Sheng Ji is able to gather spirited qi’ out of the universe. The key is held by Nirvana. The auspicious land emits the dragon’s mightiness while embracing the vigorous waterways nearby, which makes it an ideal Fengshui environment to foster good fortune. This is best suited for individuals who are looking for luck for wealth and improved career advancement. Also, if you want to have guidance from a godsend, then this is a good starting point.

Nirvana Ancestral Tablet

With all of the changing city lifestyles and space limitations within modern homes, placing ancestral tablets is a practice that still remains but mainly in temples. Being able to fulfill the duty of filial piety and the simplicity of an Ancestral Tablet being dedicated to ancestors is now possible with this ritual being introduced by Nirvana Memorial Park and made available to bring a revival of commemoration and remembrance.

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden

When a pet dies a deep void can be left behind and for some people, it can create a lot of sorrow. You are left with your memories of those precious moments that you spent with them. It is not easy to come to terms with your loss, but you can manage it when you choose to channel your sorrow and grief through the use of a unique avenue. You can create a special shrine that honours your treasured pet. You can do this at the very first Pet Memorial Garden in Nirvana Memorial Park in Semenyih.